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reubensaunders asked:

Hey Max. I've been using the 'AnimateTexture' script you wrote for a number of different things and have noticed that if it's attached to a shader with a 'normal map' texture slot present, the normal map does not move with the regular texture. It instead stands still as if not being affected by the script. Have you got any idea on how to make both move? I'm using the Parallax Specular shader if that helps. THANKS!

Yeah, you’ll have to offset every texture map used by your material. In the case of the normal map, it should be something like:

renderer.material.SetTextureOffset (“_BumpMap”, offset);

You can find more info here:

Made some improvements to the laser

On this morning’s Breakfast With Unity we set up a sweet little laser using a particle system.

I realized after the show that I missed a great opportunity to add even more life to our laser; since we are actually putting out a stream of particles, if they are emitting in world space instead of local space, we’d get a trail effect!

I checked the changes in to the GitHub repo along with a readme file that includes what I actually changed. You can download the whole project by clicking on download link in the corner of the GitHub repo page, or by clicking here. This link will always contain the latest version of the project with additional goodies added after the fact.

I may, in the future, include links to older versions if you really need to see what I did on the show and nothing else, but for now if you NEED that, you can use Git to pull the appropriate version.